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A celebration of all Disney parks but mostly the American ones.

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Feb 27, 2019

The start of a new GCT series!  Our Tour Guides Dan Hansen, Jason Thomason and Stan Solo talk about purchasing and owning DVC in order to help you in deciding if it's for you.  Plus we find out what the minimum is for purchasing, Shirley from accounting calls, DVC parties are the best parties and more!

Feb 20, 2019

Our Tour Guides Caroline Koller, Stan Solo and George Falcione talk about what first sparked their love for Disney.  Plus Ariel & Eric wedding cake toppers, how the price of college can put the breaks on Disney trips, the things you don't plan at the Parks tend to be the most memorable and more!  Bonus, stay tuned after...

Feb 15, 2019

Our Tour Guides Dan Hansen, Stan Solo, George Falcione and Jason Thomason talk about Stan's recent solo trip to Walt Disney World.  Stan is the first to find a new hidden Mickey, what happens when two flights home are cancelled, the saga of Kevin the blue balloon concludes and more!  

Feb 13, 2019

Our Tour Guides Jason Thomason, Mindy Carnes Muir and her husband Brandon, George Falcione and his wife Jessica talk about and give tips for couples who want to have a romantic day at Disney.  Plus doing rope drop is a sign of true love, what makes an attraction romantic, churro cereal is a thing and more! 

Feb 9, 2019

A trip report so big we've had to split it into two episodes!  Our Tour Guides Dan Hansen, Stan Solo, Jason Thomason and George Falcione talk about Stan's recent solo trip to WDW.  We begin our Kevin-John Jungle Cruise contest, Pop Century Pop Tarts, having dinner at Epcot twice in the same night, the saga of Kevin the...